Sudoku beginner

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What are beginner sudoku puzzles ?

Beginner sudokus are puzzles designed for people who are playing sudoku for the first time. You don't need to know any special techniques to finish them. Beginner sudokus can be solved by just applying the sudoku rules.

If this is not your first sudoku, we recommend an easy sudoku instead. You will learn the first techniques that will make you a sudoku pro !

How to solve our beginner sudoku puzzles ?

To solve a beginner sudoku online, start by taking an empty cell in the grid. You know it will contain a number between 1 and 9. You also know that, according to the sudoku rules, a number cannot appear twice on the same row, column, or region.

So take a close look at the other cells in that row, column and region. The numbers that are already present there can therefore no longer be the solution of your cell. If there is only one possibility left, enter that number in the cell. Otherwise, note the remaining possibilities using the button for later.

Start with the cells whose row, column and region contains lots of clues for best results.

Sometimes this technique is not enough to complete the puzzle. So here's another one. Take a row (or column, or region) in which you have noted the possible solutions of all the empty cells. Look carefully at these cells, and find out if any of the missing numbers on that row are present in only one of them. If so, enter it the cell.

Using these two techniques, you should be able to complete any free beginner sudoku puzzle on our website.

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