Sudoku medium

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What are medium sudoku puzzles ?

Medium sudokus are puzzles designed for players who are already familiar with the basics of sudoku.

In addition to the techniques needed to complete an easy sudoku, they require knowing four additional basic techniques in order to be solved : hidden pair, hidden triple, naked quad, and hidden quad.

Once mastered, you will know all the basic candidate elimination techniques. You can then tackle an hard sudoku, and discover the advanced solving techniques.

How to solve our medium sudoku puzzles ?

To solve a medium sudoku online, start by filling in the most obvious cells, and noting the possible candidates in the others. After that, you need to figure out how to eliminate some of these candidates to continue solving the grid.

Here is the list of techniques that will help you achieve this :

By mastering these techniques, you will be able to complete any free medium sudoku on our website.

Want more free online medium sudokus ?

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