Terms of service

These terms of use, in force from July 15, 2021, are applicable to any person using the Foxy Sudoku website.


In these terms of use, words beginning with a capital letter refer to the following definitions :

Access to the Site

Access to the Site is open to anyone.

It requires to be connected to the Internet and the use of a browser.

The methods of access to the Site (hardware, software, Internet access provider) are under the responsibility and at the exclusive expense of the User.


The Site uses the latest web technologies to display and make its sudoku puzzles playable.

We recommend using Firefox and Chrome browsers in their latest versions to play.

Although we try to make the Site compatible on as many browsers as possible, in the event of the use of another browser or an obsolete version of Firefox or Chrome, we cannot be held responsible in the event of bad display of sudoku grids or malfunction of certain game features.

You must also enable JavaScript in your browser in order to play.