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How to solve our easy sudoku puzzles ?

Easy sudokus are puzzles designed for beginners who want to start progressing in their sudoku mastery. If this is your first time playing sudoku, try our beginner sudoku puzzles instead.

Easy sudokus require knowing four of the basic techniques to be solved : naked pair, naked triple, pointing pairs, and claiming.

These techniques are so-called candidate elimination techniques, in the sense that they do not allow the solution of a cell to be determined directly, but only to reduce the number of possibilities.

These techniques, once mastered, will also be essential for solving sudokus of higher difficulties, starting with the medium sudoku.

How to solve our easy sudoku puzzles ?

By using only the two techniques described to solve a beginner sudoku, you will quickly realize that, although you have entered the possible solutions (called candidates) of all the empty cells of the grid, you are stuck and cannot complete it.

This is where candidate elimination techniques come into play. There are four for an easy sudoku, but as you progress you will see that there are many more, which is what makes this game so popular.

The basic techniques you need to know to solve an easy sudoku online are as follows :

Although necessary to solve the puzzles, their number of uses remains limited, in order to apprehend them gradually.

By mastering these techniques, you will be able to complete any free easy sudoku on our website, as well as most newspaper and magazine sudokus.

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