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What are expert sudoku puzzles ?

Expert sudokus are for experienced players only.

As with the hard sudokus in which they were introduced, an expert sudoku will require you, in addition to the basic techniques, to master the advanced sudoku solving techniques in order to be solved.

When they have no more secrets for you, you can then measure yourself against a diabolical sudoku.

How to solve our expert sudoku puzzles ?

Theoretically, at this level of play, you perfectly master the locked candidates techniques, and you know how to apply them without even needing to note the possible candidates of each cell.

To solve expert sudoku online, start by scanning the grid for each digit from 1 to 9 using these techniques, to find the most obvious solutions. In general, this fills in a lot of empty cells.

Then, for each region, starting with those with the most known cells, write down the possible candidates of empty cells. Without waiting to have done this work for all the regions, systematically try to see if you can use one of the basic techniques. Do the same as soon as a row or a column is complete (after having completed three horizontally or vertically adjacent regions for example).

When you have noted the possible candidates of all the empty cells of the grid, then use the advanced techniques to eliminate them and complete the puzzle. As a reminder, the techniques to master in order to solve an expert sudoku are as follows :

By applying this method, you will be able to solve any free expert sudoku on our website.

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